Simulation Center

Manichini robotThe mission of the Renato Fiandaca Simulation Center is to train health care providers, improve quality of care, reduce medical errors, and increase safety standards. The center is hosted at ISMETT in cooperation with UPMC’s Peter M. Winter Institute for Simulation, Education and Research (WISER). The center is equipped with five simulators: high-tech life-size mannequins, capable of simulating signs and symptoms of actual patients. The center comprisestwo rooms, each connected to a control cabin equipped with an audio-visual taping system for training in medical emergencies and clinical cases. A skill lab provides anatomic models for manual skills training in the performance of procedures and maneuvers, such aspositioning of central venous catheters and drainage tubes.

Simulation educationtrains health care professionals for high risk procedures in asafe environment. Scenarios can be reproduced many times to improve performance. Rare and complex clinical events can be simulated, even before they happen, training staff for prompt and effective management in critical situations. Simulation has proven efficient for safety-inspired behavioral models. It allows assessment and improvement of proceduresand patient management skills such as communication, leadership, team work, decision-making, and organization.